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Update on the Stuart Monument in Richmond

November 16, 2020

I am sure that you, our supporters, have been waiting to hear some word of the JEB Stuart Trust’s request to the City of Richmond to have General Stuart’s monument moved to Laurel Hill.  This process has taken much longer than anyone anticipated.  Legal council for the Trust, as well as for the Stuart family in Richmond, have been working diligently to make this happen.  To date, there are as many as twenty-two applications by other groups and organizations to acquire the statues that were taken down in Richmond.  Lawsuits and other litigation by others may hold up and hinder the process, and it appears that no decision will be made till at least early 2021.  The paramount goal is that the Stuart monument, as well as the others, be saved and erected in locations where they will be appropriately maintained, honored, and contextualized.  Our sincere hope is that the Stuart monument, will be located at the site of his birth, Laurel Hill.  The final decision lies in the hands of the Richmond City Council.  When that decision is rendered, the Trust will immediately issue a press release.  On behalf of the Board of Directors of Stuart’s Birthplace I would like to thank our many supporters for their words of encouragement, your donations, and your continued patience in our endeavor to bring JEB Stuart home.

Ronnie S. Haynes
President JEB Stuart Birthplace Preservation Trust.

Help Us Move General Stuart statue to Laurel Hill

Please help us bring the monument of JEB Stuart back home to Patrick County!

Dear Friends of JEB Stuart

I am sure by now you are aware of the removal of many historical statues around the country, and in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Nowhere is that happening more than Monument Avenue in Richmond.  The JEB Stuart Birthplace Board has been discussing this matter for some time.

The day the Stuart Monument was removed in Richmond, the Trust sent a written request to Richmond City Council and expressed our intense desire to have the statue and pedestal moved to Laurel Hill.  The Trust is following the guidelines of the new state monument law enacted by the General Assembly, which took affect July 1st.  The Board, along with our lawyer, and with the help of JEB Stuart V and his lawyer, as well as others behind the scene, are working to make this happen.  The final decision will be made by Richmond City Council at the end of a sixty-day process.  The Trust sincerely hopes that the end result will be in our favor, as we have worked diligently to put together a plan for moving the statue to Laurel Hill.

There will be other costs associated with this project once the statue is brought to Stuart’s birthplace and erected.  The Board is greatly encouraged by the numerous calls and emails of support for this worthy cause.  We now earnestly ask that you consider making a donation to save the only equestrian statue of General Stuart ever made, a true work of art, and have it moved, erected, and cared for at the place of his birth.  Please keep in mind that at this time we cannot say with absolute certainty that our request will be granted, and in the event it does not come to pass, the Trust will gladly refund your donation.

These are troubling times concerning our collective history and heritage and those of us who love, understand, and accept our history, must do all we can in preserving it.  Please join us in bringing our beloved cavalryman home.  On behalf of the Board of Directors I am,

Ronnie S. Haynes, President
JEB Stuart Birthplace Preservation Trust Inc.
P.O. Box 1210 Stuart VA. 24171   276 251-1833
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