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Boyhood monument of JEB Stuart erected on February 9, 2021 at Laurel Hill

“Although everyone deems his own home, a spot supremely blest, a dearer sweeter spot than all the rest.”

“Yet experience has taught me it is necessary to be deprived of it awhile in order to appreciate it properly.”

Born here on February 6th, 1833, “JEB” Stuart often recalled in his letters fond memories of his homeplace and related his desire to return to the place of his birth.

“I would give anything to make a pilgrimage to the old place and when the war is over to quietly spend the rest of my days there.”

“If I should survive the war I desire to settle down on a farm, if I can get one to suit me.  I am partial to the old homestead at Patrick.”

“I might have rambled the dear old hills of Patrick amid all the pleasures of a mountain home for a lifetime.”

Wounded in battle at Yellow Tavern the previous day, Stuart died on May 12th, 1864, never fulfilling his desire to return to his birthplace.

He lies amongst his family in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond Virginia.
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 2021 Boyhood Monument of JEB Stuart

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