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Our Trip to Richmond on Tourism Day
On January 29, four members of the JEB Stuart Preservation Trust traveled to Richmond to meet with legislative leaders and discuss an important tourism site in Patrick County, VA, Laurel Hill.  This was tourism emphasis day at the State Capitol and many representatives of the tourism industry came to encourage legislators to continue their strong support for this important segment of business in Virginia.

Those traveling to Richmond were, Shirley Keene, President, Ronnie Haynes, Vice President, Thomas Bishop, Director responsible for Media Relations and Mary Dellenback Hill, Director.  All of these persons are residents of Patrick County, VA.

It was a rewarding day, because we got to meet our Senator William Stanley and our Delegate Charles Poindexter, and other members of the legislature.  In many cases we were able to meet legislative assistants and express our support for tourism.  We had numerous opportunities to tell the story of Laurel Hill, an important Civil War site in Southwest Virginia, representing the farm where Maj. Gen. J. E. B. Stuart was born and raised.
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 Tourism Day - Jan 29, 2015

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